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Full text of "Exhibition of water colors by T. Herzl Rome: April 7-April 21, 1940, Worcester Art Museum."

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Exhibition of 




APRIL 7 • APRIL 21 . 1940 

Born in Worcester in 1914, Herzl Rome has painted 
on and off since grammar school days, for the most 
part under the guidance of O. Victor Humann, for many 
years instructor of painting in the Museum School. In 
1926 he first traveled abroad, visiting Palestine, Italy 
and France. After his freshman year at Harvard(1932- 
3) he continued his studies at the Hebrew University in 
Jerusalem, concentrating upon philosophy and Hebrew- 
literature. The intervening summer was spent in Spain 
where, as he says, he was exposed to El Greco and 
Moorish architecture. Then followed a year of painting 
in Persia. There he worked for a time with a miniaturist 
in the tradition of the great Behzad and also painted 
among the "naked mountains and desert valleys" of 
that fascinating country. In 1935 he resumed his classes 
at Harvard, studying philosophy, economics and politi- 
cal theory. After winning the First Bowdoin Prize, he 
was graduated with highest honors in 1937. Then came 
two years of painting and sculpting in Paris, with one 
summer in Norway and another spent in the Medi- 
terranean. The water colors in this exhibition are the 
result of these two summers of travel. 

Mr. Rome's paintings have been shown in several 
group exhibitions of American art at this Museum and 
he has also exhibited in the Salon des Surindependents, 
Paris, at the Harvard Society of Contemporary Art, 
at the Addison Gallery in Andover, the Fitchburg Art 
Center, and in various exhibitions in Gloucester. One of 
his canvases was shown at the Golden Gate Exposition 
in San Francisco last summer. 


NORWAY. 1938 

1. Church at Svolvaer 

2. Svolvaer Boats 

3. Abrahamsen's House 

4. Summer Rain 

5. Svolvaer Wharves 

6. Svolvaer Harbor 

7. Church at Kabelvag 

8. Kabelvag Homes 

9. Mountain Waterfall 

10. Olden on Nordfjord 

11. Mill at Olden 

12. Mountain Lake 

13. Church at Nordfjordeid 

14. Nordfjord Hamlet 

15. Seawater Channel 

16. North of Bergen 


17. Stromboli After Twilight 

18. Behind Patras 

19. Waterfront at Patras 

20. Itea Harbor 

21. Delphi Cliffs 

22. Valley at Delphi 

23. Gulf of Corinth 

24. Hydra Cliffs 

25. Acropolis I 

26. Acropolis II 

27. Byzantine Church 

28. Promentory in the Aegean 

29. Stromboli I 

30. Stromboli II